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That Should See Us Over The Line...Hopefully

Massive result that I believe has secured our position next season, it would take a massive effort on other team's parts to overhaul us now with the games that they have left to play. If we cannot pick up another 2-3 points in the remaining games then we wouldn't deserve to be here next season.

We started well and were dominant for 25-30 mins then Reading started to come into, fortunately half time came. we picked up the tempo, taking the game to them,  being honest we looked and played the best I have seen for a long long while, It was In this purple patch when we got the quick goals. Reading keep saved what was a bullet header from Holt very well but Ryan Bennett showed calmness to volly the rebound high into the net, this seemed to set something off in the whole team, flicks, backheels everything that was tried came off.  The it was Elliot Bennet's turn, he picked a lose ball up ran into the middle of the area a fired in a shot that hit the keepers foot and took it out of the reach of any defenders. 

Both the scorers had had impressive games so far, Ryan exceptionally. being out for so long and coming on when Turner had to go off, Elliot had started the game very brightly firing in a couple of half decent efforts, plus switch wings with Snodgrass and covering his full back very well.

The Reading keeper could feel unfortunate to have been beaten after making 2-3 very good saves from Kamara and then Snodgrass. 

There was a particually nasty challenge on Holt but the Ref (who had a good game) didn't see allowing play to go on,  I didn't get the Reading players name, but he studded Holt somewhere just under the back of his knee.  With Holt getting criticism for his tackling the other week, I feel this should have been picked up by all especially Walker's Crisp man and Co.

But instead of pushing on and wrapping the game up, we let them back in, we started to play deeper and deeper,   I can't say I saw anything visible  from the bench that said get up the field, like when we defended a corner every bloody player was in the area, nobody left up field to make them leave players back this also doesn't give us a chance on picking up the second ball from clearences.

Although Reading were calling most of the shots during this spell,  Bunn was rarely troubled,  when they did hit the net it came  a little out of the blue yes they had the upper hand, but still had not carved out anything really dangerous. My first thought Bunn should have done a little better he looked to have had a good sight of the shot, but on seeing a replay the ball did move in the air, but the player should not have been allowed to run unchallenged so far.

The crowd started to get a little edgy but continued to get right behind the team, but then just when the game need a change of direction , perhaps like bringing on Jacko with his speed to run at their tired defenders, Hughton takes off the impressive E Bennett, and puts on the defensive Tettey.   Although a little later Pilkington did get on but with really not a lot of time to make an impact.

As the clock edged closer  the last thing any City fan wanted was an extra 5 minutes added to the time, but between Holt and Kamara who were both knackred played nigh on 3 minutes of keep ball mixed with free kicks saw the time out. In my view Holty took control and gave a lesson of how to run a game down, he pulled us over the line.  He may not be scoring goals but his other work is just as important.  

It is hard to see how anyone player played better than anyone else, but they must have their man of the match, their were several contenders for me;  both Bennett;s Johnson, Bassong, Howson had a dam good game, as did Martin and Garrido. Kamara had the best shot on target ratio in yesterday's games, Snodgrass produced a some brilliant corners and crosses, Holt's work rate was right up there, Bunn had little to do and did it well apart from the one effort which being fair did move about but still got a hand to it.

For me a team men of the match.

We did make a little hard work of it, everybody was edgy, it could have and perhaps should have been made a lot easier, players and manager have to take a little blame, but let's not forget  Reading were desperate and didn't come down here to Roll over for us.  There were some very scrappy periods when more teams looked more like championship sides scrapping it out.

The Fan's,  bloody tremendous answered the call of cranking up the levels, but then we have before without the prompting, it was something to be a part of.....Again

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