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The Adams Family.. Is it a Repeat

The dust has started to settle after yesterday's has he or hasn't he,  so Adams is getting his family together, thanky there is no Uncle Fester in the ranks.   While some are already complaining about the appointments before any hard work has been applied, I would be lying if I said I didn't have reservations,  but then I have had reservations before over Grant, Gunn and Lambert; but with Roeder and Hughton I just knew and said it was not  marriage's that would last.  

This time with Neil Adams and his team I honestly do not know,  he has gone the route that Gunn took of naming those who had a previous connection with the club, we know how that panned out.  That would be my biggest reservation, but on the other hand this time we have people who have worked together and played together before.

  Gary (whoops nearly said Grant) Holt has proved he can manage and coach with Falkirk taking them to within a game of the Premier League in Scotland.  Joe Royle well what can anyone say the guy has done it all, just bags and bags of experience  Mark Robson I know little about but clearly Adams has trust in him as he does the rest of his new family. 

I cannot see a lot wrong with it,  the team has not been thrown together,  they have been selected by their merits, I feel more confident than what I did last week. 

Now this new team must start talking with players and seeing what they really want, we have seen that supposedly several players,  who according to paper reports want away. A  problem with all of these reports is that lurking behind the headlines is a money grabbing agent,  letting little things slip to the media to try and get his player a better deal, a move away, but of course with the over riding point, he lines his own pocket. 

But all these report do have an unsettling effect, perhaps more on the fan base who are left wondering who the hell really wants to get their team up and running again, after all  they played a huge part in getting the club relegated, I believe some of them owe the club and the fans a performence or two instead of jumping ship.  

Although I was a little hasty yesterday over Gary Hooper supposed want away,  we can not be sure of anything that is appearing in the media, until it comes from the horses mouth or his trainer.  But if any player does not want to be here then they should be got rid off, and not cheaply either, these guys cost good money and have been paid very well, but have not delivered. the goods.

I would like to see these rumours and reports commented on in some way, I am a tad cheesed off reading  that the club does not have to sell. That tells us very little, the fans are the ones who continue to spend their money and support the club time and time again, no matter what division they are playing in. 

The fans have been let down big time, it is not only squad building that needs toi be addressed, I hope the Adams Family can achieve this without any funny stuff






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