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The Club..Holt and the Agent

Both Chairman Alan Bowkett and CEO David McNally have publicially encouraged Grant Holt to stay and fight along side new manager.  Chris Hughton himself said in his first interview for the club regarding Grant Holt.

(Holt) "a quaility player, no manager who wouldn't want to keep him here."   he is very mindful of his standing at the club, and what he means to the fans,    Hughton has  also stressed that talking with Holty is his priority.

Bowkett said in an article on the pink Un web site:  

“Now is an ideal opportunity. It is a completely clean piece of paper,” he said. “This is an opportunity for Grant and his agent to row back from a rather intractable position and have a sensible conversation with the football club.

Our door is open. We want him to stay and to play for us and I think he would really enjoy playing for Chris. I have to say the messages we have had from team members about the potential appointment, when it was a potential appointment, have been extremely supportive. A lot of people want to push on.”   

McNally had the following to say in the same article:

“Clearly there is a different view on the future between the club and Grant. We want Grant to stay,” he said. “He is our captain, top goal scorer for the past three years, 70 goals in 130-odd games, player-of-the-year in three successive seasons. We would like Grant Holt to stay. He is under contract for the next two years. He is not for sale and we are not encouraging anybody to make offers for him.”

It is a rare event and I cannot recall a time whenboth  Chairman and CEO of Norwich City  have have gone on public record encouraging a player to stay and let him know he is wanted, ( I may be wrong and will no doubt be corrected, but I can't recall this rare event)

Yesterday ex  City striker Iwan Roberts said in an interview on Talksport that he thought Holty had been advised badly by his agent,  I cannot comment on the workings of an agent, only reading the press they receive which isn't always good.  But when an ex player says it is so I tend to pay attention, as they have the experience.

Roberts said the following:

The whole thing could have been handled a lot better than it has,” A lot of it is to do with Grant’s agent. I think he’s been poorly advised.

“He has got two years left on his contract, he wants that third year to have a bit more security for him and his family and, for what he what he has done for the past three seasons, he deserves that third year, in my opinion.

A short while ago Holt said he wanted to feel he had worth at the club, to be honest  I think he may have got that by these statements in public .  Exactly what more he could want  to know,  that he is wanted and respected, with possibiliy the three most public and important faces at the club making known their personal views.

While I feel not all of the blame should be landed at the player's feet, the agent has to take his fair share in the handling and the way he has conducted himself in public.  Now all parties Club, Player and agent have to come together with a clean slate and start again.   

I simply ask is another year's contract such a big thing in the scale of things ? 

  People have said that there is no guarantee that Holt will score the same again next season and it is a big gamble. But any player a club buys is a gamble, why do clubs spend untold millions on players,  because they have a history or a record of producing the goods;   hasn't Holt shown he can produce ?  How much will it cost to replace him is another very strong point in any arguements. 

I know that fans of the club are split over this issue, some have turned their backs on the player while other have supported him, I have tried to take a middle ground because we don't know all the facts.   But I do know that the whole of Carrow Road have chanted his name and stood and cheered his goals and play and other play.   But I do agree that no-one  player, manager or whatever is bigger than the club, and a club cannot be held to ransome by anyone.

We have had more than enough turmoil and shocks over the last few days to last a lifetime, the club has acted swifty and expertly in getting Chris Hughton in the hot seat and should be commended for doing so.  The fans deserve to see this situation resolved, so everyone can get back to doing what is the positive, best and right things for this great club and great supporters

I am sure that many fans will agree that we need all parties to get it together over a table and sort this situation out.

If the player means that much to the club then there must be grounds for discussion,

NOW  to the player you have the respect and worth you wanted, now prove to those that Idolise and chant your name ------ that it isn't all about the money. 

Now the agent listen to all parties, forget all this about getting more money, there are far more important things about playing football than  £pounds and pence. 

I hope I haven't sent anybody to sleep with this....


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