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The Consistent Inconsistency Continues

I hope I can be forgiven for expecting to see a difference in my team, only a small change would have satisfied me, after all Neil had been working his squad for a full week.  But what we saw was more or less carbon copy of City's failing pre Alex Neil.

They were so weak you could push a feather duster right through the centre and not find any strength what so ever,  I admit injuries and suspensions to midfielders played a part, but why play a full back in midfield and leave a more recognised one sitting on the bench.  Ok,  McGrandles may not have the experience and never will unless used, but if the boy isn't ready then why is he on the bench. But after 62 appearences for Falkirk, I would have thought the championship is not that bigger bridge for the lad.  Nor for Cameron McGeehan,  call him back if we are that sort on cover, I would rather place my faith in a hungry youngster than some old hand who cannot be bothered.

Was good to see Elliot Bennett back on the pitch in Yellow, but should have been played on the right. 

The problems are not just in the centre of defence, true Turner and Cuéllar are almost as mobile than a parked car, I believe Cuéllar is becoming a liability anywhere near the area ..another week and another penalty, weak or not it was given.  Why isn't  Ignasi Miquel being given a chance,  isn't he good enough, perhaps not quite good enough for Wenger but surely Norwich City.  If Cuellar is I am sure that Miquel is.  

Unless Alex Neil can sort these problems  which have really plaqued the team for most of the season, very quickly,  then even a play off place starts to look, a too big of a mountain too.  These are professional footballers not sunday pub side, but the way they give the ball away,  fail to make the right choices makes them look like they have visited the Pub before the game and sunk a few.

Sort it out, clear the dead wood and bring in some fresh hungry players..  before this season is just another massive disappointment for the loyal fans

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