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The Daily Wiz and Kamara

I just read The Daily Wiz ( I love the name)  a Kansas City media site, I  was in the process of writing what I found and I see the Pink Un beat me to it.

Seeing as I was half way done before getting interrupted,  I thought I would carry on.  It doesn't take a lot of working out that it concerns Sporting Kansas City winger Kei Kamara, you know the player that suddenly hit the headlines when Hughton said he was interested in the player.

It looked as that was the end of it, (sigh of relief)  with things all going quiet, on both sides of the pond, but now The Daily Wiz  has popped up raising the question, Is It still progressing ?

During a TV show during the half time break Sporting Kansas recently signed defender Josh Gardner was introduced on the show as a guest;  he went on to say:

    "We'll miss Kei a little bit with his size," when talking about how his own game might fit into his new squad.

    ... "with Kei leaving," when asked where he thinks Graham Zusi will fit into the starting lineup this year.

So has Mr Gardener let something slip ?   There has been silence on anything further about Kamara. With the deadline fast approaching and still only rumours to get remorely excited about, we will soon find out.

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