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The Wolf Is Back - Cambridge 1 Norwich 3

As the title says - Ricky's back

Alex Neil said after the match that he had the same chart with Wolfie as he had done with Bassong when he came in - ie. let bygones be bygones, go and prove yourself, and last night he made a good start at trying to do that

It's important to remember that this was a weakened Norwich side, but we still looked shaky at the back, in fact the way we were carved open down the left for the first goal you would think it was Gareth Bale we were up against, but you can only deal with what is put in fron tof you and RVW showed proper predatory striking instincts to score a tap in from close range for his goal as he timed his run well, it was also a nicely placed cross for City's final goal that meant he finally started to show glimpses of why we paid €8.5m for him a couple of years ago.

Other than that the game certainly didn't have the thrill of the 10-0 against Hitchin last weekend - all a bit slow at times - time to pick up the pace please boys

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