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There are Rumours and then there are Rumours !

I am in two minds as whether to post this or not, we in no way want to start false rumours or post anything misleading; so please take this as exactly what we intend.   Simply a rumour mill effort that could turn out to be the usual Cow field spread.

We are waiting for some form of concrete evidence for the rumour we have picked up from a member of our forum, we deffinately hope that it is a right load of BS.  but in this crazy world of the transfer window you can neber be sure.

We stress,  we have no proof, and in no way are we saying this is true.  We  are simply bringing you what we have heard, the member of the forum concerned is trying to get hold of the original source.

They have it on good authority (as they always DO)  that Lambert has lodged a bid of £4 million  for Johnny Howson.  They quote Howson as saying he has loved his time here but wants to move on. 

We are trying to check this out and hope to have more later.  We lay our trust in David McNally and the board to block any moves what so ever,  for any player Chris Hughton wants in his squad. 

Yesterday we were told Grant Holt was locked in talks at carrow Road with Chris Hughton, David McNally and his agent. we completely dismissed this right away, because we knew Grant Holt was playing golf near Manchester in a charity fund raiser.


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