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Three Issues

The Sunday people had a little paragraph that I think summed us up quite well, That Norwich only need to sort out 3 issues.

1 Defence
2 Midfield
3 Attack .

I know it brings a smile to the face, but seriously I don't think it is too far off the mark,  last season we leaked goals,  so far after 1 game we have conceded the same amount, that we managed in the first 3 league games last season .   

Something needs addressing.


Another addition or two will certainly be needed, one in the centre and perhaps another full back as cover.  Most of promising players we could have gone after, have already slipped through our fingers and gone to other clubs, ho didn't appear to dally around.

Unless Chris Hughton knows something about Curtis Davies that nobody else does,  why did we end up with Turner,  a player who was on his way out of Sunderland.   True I thought he looked reasonably solid but very slow, which is now quite clear to me now.  
As much as I like Russell Martin, but I have to ask if anyone else agrees with me that full back is far from his best position, he had his best games in the middle of defence and we looked a better unit too.       While  I also like the attitude and committment of Marc Teirney,  I sadly feel  he isn't quite up to the standard,  I hope the new signing  will be. 

(while typing this, another player has surfaced supposedly on Hughton's radar,  a player who has already failed in the Premier League  and went back to Scotland pretty quickly.)  

Sadly the old adage springs to my mind,  You spend Peanuts,  you know what you get.


We seemingly look to be over run with midfielders, but still I believe we need an addition, someone in the mold of Damien Francis, that can break up play and get from box to box and boss the middle of the park.  Bradley Johnson tries his hardest, gives it his all, but at times that is a long way away from what we actually need.   His passing and awareness isn't top draw, which it has to be in the power room, against some of the best players in the world. 

I said last season we didn't look the same team when David Fox was missing, I still stand by that, I know injury can't be helped, but buying someone else  who can do the same job  can be.


I was horrified when I saw the starting line up,  I saw that it didn't work at all in the last friendly, yet it was used again,   that's two game I have seen where I have never seen Grant Holt look so ineffective, lost and cut off.  If you HAVE to play this system, use the players that can best serve it,  Steve Morison has played this role at every level, Championship, Premiership and International.  Not Holty.  

Also I can hardly count on my hands the times Holt and Morison have worked that well together, yet he stood there saturday with other options.

Hughton clearly thinks our strike force is more than enough to get the goals,  I have a few doubts about that, but one thing I am confident of; a  striker cut off from the rest of the team mates certainly isn't going too. 

Jackson,  Martin and Vaughan have hardly a worthwhile amount of premier league goals behind them, for him to make such a statement.  We need another striker.

Money will have to be spent,  if the club is serious about wanting to stay in this league. So far not a great deal has been spent of this huge budget,  but that what has been spent, is on, what I consider to championship standard players,  what is it in readiness for the club's return to the lower level ?   ( I am joking )

Saturday result and display was shockingly terrible,  we now go on to face QPR who were at the end of the same scoreline after playing Swansea at home, I had a quick look that the stats, the biggest difference QPR had approx 20 odd shots over the game, compared to our paltry amount .  

  While the display at Fulham was bad,  that is history,  a very painful memory.   What matters most  now  is the reaction we see on saturday against Rangers, this is NOT just from the players BUT the manager and his coaching team too.

A lot of criticism has been leveled at the players  but the manager must come in for his fair share of that too.   He had best not forget we know exactly what these players are capable of,  and what we saw on saturday,  leads me to  say;  this was not the same players.

It is Hughton and Co that are unknown quanity here,  yes  Hughton himself has come with glowing credentials and a favourite of the media,  But I cannot say the same for all his coaching team,   so far I cannot say that I am totally sold on them.  

His post match comments haven't exactly filled me full of confidence, I am left wondering how he exactly views the squad he has.

Hughton said:
No, I’m not worried. This won’t be the only defeat we have. Or the only defeat we have by a few goals. It is normal for any team in our position in this division,”

Just what is our position in this league in his own eyes ?     We have been used to see these self same players (given one or two)  that will not lay down,  do not know when they beaten, who knows each other back to front. 

Yes they may not be technically gifted as some, yes there are better players in the league,  but that didn't mean that much last season, as they confounded the  many so called experts.  

Am I wrong to expect the same from them again this season ?

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