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Time to Use The Squad

Another dismal journey home for the yellow army (a large one this time) from the banks of the Thames. I am not one for subscribing to  hoodoo's or anything of the like,   we simply cannot beat Fulham,  perhaps the same as other teams cannot beat us.   I do believe the media are making much more out of this than need be.

But something is going wrong, it isn't because we played Fulham, Charlton and Rotherham have also gone away with points after exposing weaknessness managers have worked us out and quite quickly too,  we don't appear to have another way of playing. Too slow out of the block by far OK we dominate  to such a point wehave so much of the ball players can sign the bloody thing while playing.  But that is it of late.

The goals have dried up a little, chances are no longer being is time for change ..

Much has been made of the size and quaility of Adams squad,  in some quaterers they are seen as the best squad in the League, but most teams supporters would have you believe that.  But there is no doubt a good squad has been put together in both quanity and quaility.  So now is the time to use it, to make it work for it large wage bill. 

Players have been off the boil or going off the boil for a few games, yet they are still picked when clearly off the pace.  Grabban for one has looked no where near the player we first saw, that has been highlighted in wayward sky kicks, missed chances and finally one of the easier things a penalty.   With Hooper coming back there is another option, but this raises another question, does Hooper really want to be here ?    I cannot say I am convinced that he does...

Sadly Becchio is now injured, but should he have been allowed to go out on loan.

Adams has brought in three centre backs  two with vast experience and one very good prospect,  granted one was injured,  but still persists in playing Russell Martin  at the expense of Cuéllar and Miquel.  baffles me a little, I know Martin plays there for Scotland but that has little bearing on Championship football for me

. And what on earth was behind letting Bassong join a rival, who have now taken over as the league leaders,  another decision that leaves many scatching their heads where there isn't an itch.

Even Olsson has not been the same, this season, perhaps he is another whose heart is not 100% with the club.  Garrido has never let us down nor made it known he isn't happy here.

Johnson has been great but the last couple of games the old Bradley is back, mistakes, poor decisions and terrible passing (He is not alone on that score)   Hoolahan has been squeezed in no matter what way Adams plays,  he has been pushed out wide left, when just about every City supporter knows he cannot play, (ask other managers)

   Yet we have  Howson, O Neil, Vadis Odjidja,  and bright Scottish prospect Conor McGrandles, not to mention the young boy who come from our own Academy, they are seen good enough to be in the squad.

 Players who were deemed good enough to be brought here as members of Adams own squad, yet he seems almost scared to ring the changes with certain players who have clearly lost their sharpness.  Howson and ONeil we know are more than capable, Odjidja is supposed to be an exciting attacking midfielder or so we have been led to believe. Conor McGrandles was such a  prospect  that some Premier Teams were supposed to be chasing him .

Just where are they, Why are they not being used,  they need to be in the team.

I am confused as to whether Neil Adams is being too loyal to certain players or he is simply too naive,  whatever it is or a mixture of both. The team selection and tactics have been wrong, his method of playing are being sussed by the opposition,  he is not using the advantages his squad gives him.

Changes are needed, players need a quick kick up the butt to gee them up by dropping them and giving others the chance, after all I thought that is what the idea  of a squad is

.  A revitalisation is badly needed or the reign of Neil Adams will start to go the way of other managers, whose tarnished crowns hang  on a peg by the Carrow Road Throne.



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