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To Hell with it Change Manager NOW

Another Monday morning feeling like I have a terrible hangover without the consuming of many beers the night before, I have become acustomed to this feeling recognising the symptoms as soon as my bleary eyes open.

Just what those who made another long haul to witness YET ANOTHER away day horror from their Hereo's I can only guess, I could not be bothered to watch or even listen to the game in full, preferring a family day out to the Castle Museum.

Getting totally fed up with writing much the same sort of article, and trying to think of new ways of putting the same thing. but alas I am not good enough to achieve that (in fact I have never proclaimed to be a writer)    Just what are we left with as supporters to look forward to, the local Derby with those down the Road, they could pass us on their way up if a few results go their way. Now would they just love that one ?

I am afraid we are looking at more doom and gloom, it is increasingly hard to see a chink of light out there, the manager and his back room team are bereft of ideas, the players despite all their media shouting in interviews,  backing,supporting, upping and taking matters into their own hands;  look just as bereft of passion, fight and concern over the state of the team.

Hughton and Co have had more than enough time to right the wrongs, find other answers after all these are the guys who proclaim to be experienced at their jobs; if not then they are taking a lot of money under false pretences. But it is as clear as what City Hall clock is they are not good enough for the job.  Many are blinded by a litle success in the championship and the fact Hughton is a Nice Man, Nice men don't win anything so the old saying goes.

I feel he has been afforded far too much time altogether, those people who spend their hard earned cash to watch this excuse for a football team have a right to voice their frustrations and views,  the stadiums are the only place open to them to do it collectively  where those in power can not escape from listening, unless they are super human and have a volume knob on their lug holes.

The Directors,Chairmen and CEO can avoid the internet if they wish and shut themselves off from the views of those who pumps hundreds of thousands into the club thay they have charge over, but at a stadium it is not so easy. Journalists have their platform to support their fiends in power only a few with the gonads will speak differently for fear of being omitted from the inner circle. Us fans have no such worries, our biggest worry and task is to make ourselves heard by those have seemingly have their heads firmly buried in the sand.

It is those people who call the shots at our club who I hold accountable, they can see the same as what we see a manager who has lost his way, has no real ideas of how to right the wrongs he has caused, and who has lost the support of the majority of the fan base.  I am sure they can see a group of players who look beaten before they start, Players who confidence is shot to pieces, Players who appear to have lost the passion, pride and fight for and in the shirt.

  But as another old saying goes, "There are none so blind as those who don't want to see"

But no matter what they say.. they are accoutable it is in their stewardship, and on their watch it is all going down hill at super speed, a hell of a lot faster than it did to get here.  Perhaps they need reminding that it was not that many moons ago when a board member matched pound for pound what US supporters did not claim back for  relegation on the price of a season ticket.   I cannot ever see that reduction being offered again, so they will have to think up another idea to help the club and tweak the love of it's supporters.

We are headed down a very slippery  slope to the Championship, the brakes and gears cannot be applied, he hasn't the experience or knowledge to stop and change direction, there are precious few games left to make a difference, make no mistake it is not for the faint hearted.  Many have said myself included that it is too late to change the manager, but I feel so different now.

Why the hell not can a change be made ? Has he not had long enough to stop the rot ? and there is not one sign that he can,  if there was a glimer of fight, a crumb of passion , a modicum of concern, a dollop of belief and action that they could do what it takes to turn this round and start heading in a different direction.....THEN LEAVE ALONE.   But to hell if I can see any of the above.

We have a little breathing space of 4 points for now,  but teams have games in hand, we should never be in this position of clinging to the hope that these teams fail to win or even pick up points from these games.  We should be doing everything humanly possible to do it ourselves, and it is quite clear we cannot not, it has been allowed to run too long. now we are reaching the point of no return...

Change Now...   Don't let this regime take us is no easy feat getting back up, as many on the Board know only too well...Give a new man a chance to instill some confidence and pride back into to the players, if he fails, we go down fighting, giving it a go but believing we can come back up. 

I have no personal axe to grind with Chris Hughton, I have never met the man,  he may be a decent all round nice guy, I don't really care about any of that.  He was not my choice for manager in the first place,  I take no delight in this at all.  He was part of the reason I gave up my season ticket last season, as I could see what was going to happen, I am not clever or have some gift, but he had from the end of the 10 game run to do something about the slide, he really didn't or could not, a good slice of luck and thoughts of a sunny beach helped more than knowledge or experience. 

It was a saving grace that the teams below us were so poor;  our position was misleading, looking better than what we truely were. * (  I had other reasons why I let my seat go,to be fair to Hughton to add he was not my sole reason) teams this season are poor again, but it looks like we are worse off than some of them, this time round.   It is my belief that in the right hands this group of players can be far - far better than what we are witness to, I do not mean quailifying for Europe (yet)  but at least taking a finishing spot in or around 10th and 12th.  Something a better manager can build on,  I use to think that City and Southampton were very similar, they did what we did under Paul Lambert Division jumping,  I also thought that we were slightly ahead of them.
 But sadly I was wrong, they are streets ahead, many (myself too) criticized their sacking of Nigel Adkins, but looking back now yes hindsight is a wonderful thing, it was the right thing to do. It took a lot of guts to make that change, but it has worked.

We have lacked that bravery from our board, a thing that I and many others thought had changed,  if you care about this club and I have no doubts that you do, you collectively have the power to do something to save the status, now find from somewhere the GONADS to do it.  I realize this post could well look a bit silly if we stay up and not make any changes, but  if we want to avoid another season of boring tactics, clueless descisions and uncertainty..

Change Now...   Don't let this regime Carry On





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