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Too Much Respect Chris.....

Two media things worked this week, one for each manager, First Brendan Rodgers made a huge deal about referees being against them, he cannot have any complaints after today's effort at Carrow road.

Second most of the press conferences given by Chris Hughton was devoted to heaping praise on Brendan Rodgers and about showing utter respect for Liverpool, and that is what he got exactly, the players being half scared to tackle and giving them far too much space and time to play in. 

I could imagine after hearing Hughton sing Rodgers and his players praises our players could easily start to belive that they aren't good enough.  All the psychology of thinking we can beat anyone last season has looked to have gone, instead of seeing the boys going out convinced that they can beat anyone, we see just the opposite. 

I looked over to the dugout to see what sort of encouragement was coming from our management team. The answer? SOD ALL!   Both Hughton and the failed manager Calderwood stood there, hands in pockets looking completely lost. or were sitting down talking.

No wonder the players are struggling to get motivated, they shouldn't need much to be motivated, but they do need leadership and guidence from the touchline and to be honest I saw very little.   You'd hope that once it was evident things weren't working, that a substitution would be made to at least give a bit of hope. But to take Jackson off, our one bright spark up front in the first half with a like for like change, left me bewildered.  There were at least two canidates who should have departed  Surman and Morison, in exchange for Hoolahan and Holt. 

But it is not the first time the subs have been made with bad judgement.

To me it is very worrying that all the confidence built up in the squad by Lambert over the last 3 seasons will be completely extinguished in such a short time and before it can be rescued.

Perhaps someone out there can help me out here, I am struggling to remember when a manager has been booed when he makes his changes during the game, after only being in charge for 6 games, I can'[t recall this happening under Grant, Roeder or Gunn in such a short time: and today wasn't the first time either.

I cannot bring myself to talk about the game itself, except to say, I heard the line up before I got off my coach, I stood and spoke with a Liverpool supporter for a short while, I told him that they would not have any worries today it would be their first win; to hell if I thought we would have made it so easy for them. 

I have expressed my concerns before,  I am even more concerned and It hurts to say I am sorry to say this..... but we look in trouble,



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