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Too Much to Bear, The Bridge Maybe too far

Will it down to the last game, will City get a point at Stamford bridge ?   As much as I hold onto the hope that it isn't over until the fat lady sings. That hope is dwindling away like sand in an egg timer,  it was not the result last week that has done this for me but the manner,   heads dropped, some effort drained away  and the old all too familar habits surfaced again.

If Chelseas score a couple of goals then we can expect another thumping, I fully expect Sunderland to get something off of Manchester Utd  (cough)  which may well just make it all too much to bear,making the bridge just too far. 

I won't be sorry to see this sorry sorry season end one of the worst we have suffered for a while.   It isn't the end of the world going down to the championship, it isn't as if we aren't use to that level as long as steps are taken to put brakes on,  we don't need a League One expedition again. That would be criminal. However it does seem criminal to me, all the money invested into the squad is almost wasted, players will be getting ready to jump ship as the Vultures circle looking for cheap pickings.  Some say the best squad we have had, I do wonder about that, would we be on Pitt Street if it was. 

The biggest criminal act for me was the Time allowed to a failing management set up,  things were allowed to carry on and on far too long,  hoping that they could do something to alter the slide,   but the many games before should really have been enough to spell out the story.  

For that The whole Board of Norwich City are Guilty as sin,  they did a fantastic job of over seeing the club getting there, but perhaps showed a little Naïvety excists in the amount of trust placed into a manager. and failing to act more ruthlesly when it was needed.



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