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Transfer Rumours Update

First of Danny Graham.  yesterday it looked odds on Graham would be joing Sunderland with one or two site proclaiming he was soon to have a medical.

Ladrupp issues a statement that Graham isn't going anywhere he isn't interested in a move and that the club wants him to stay.  A little while later Graham intermates he wants to leave "For Personal Reasons"  contradicting his manager.

Then Swansea chairman issues a statement saying Graham hasn't said that and that he is staying, and no bids have been received,  despite reports everywhere that City and Sunderland submitted bids, Sunderland with a much improved offer.  

Perhaps a case of  you' are under contract, stalling and fobbing things off, it certainly has a case of London mist around it.

We read how Harry at QPR is supposed to not want Jamie Mackie, with the player being free to find a club, a transfer fee of around £3million being suggested. Now either Harry has changed his mind, or got mixed up who he was talking about but Mackie is now not for sale.

Most of the headlines concern how Hughton is Keen on Ricky Van Wolwinkel,  I reckon he is also keen on Messi, but don't mean he is going to buy him..

The Guardian reckons Grant Holt will be off if another striker is bought in,  with Holt's family said to have returned to Cumbria, they think the player wants to live closer to them. They also suggest Holt doesn't fit into this system Hughton is playing.   How he will leave if the transfer window has shut, perhaps on loan to League club.

According to one report I read Hughton is supposed to have said they have inquired of about 50 strikers, I do think that might be a bit tongue in cheek, but it could be seen as being a little desperate.

Only a couple of days to go, and City look no further forward in adding to the squad.  Supporters are rightly slightly worried and many questions are being asked.


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