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Troy, Jumps Out of the Pram

O come on Mr Deeny,  stop sobbing and get on with life,  if you can honestly say that in your career you have not taken a easy tumble to give your side an advantage, then I believe you may be telling porkies.   As for all the other "woe is us, everybody is against us" bleating. There is not a team in any level of football that cannot repeat what you are saying. 

It happens in football, it happens in many other sports  grow up and get on with it,  why not start at home and look at yourself, had a off day. Did We ?   Then take a look at Norwich City yesterday, they came with a plan and executed it perfectly to deny you and your team from playing.   Wasn't the onus on you as the home team ?     OK the penalty was dubious, but the other two goals were top notch strikes, if we take the penalty away it is still a defeat of 2 nil. 

Your team still had the same amount of time as City did to claw your way back,  or are you honestly saying that when you went one down in questionable circumstances, that you admit defeat and give up the match as lost ?    If so thank god you are not in my team.

You were out done by a far better team, a manager who worked out your set up and then set up to counteract that, plus exploit your weaknesses that displayed... it worked 100% .  

For gawd's sake stop bleating and put that frustration and anger into your next game and work for your team.

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