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Uninspiring, Clueless

Another uninspiring clueless game, we had to endure in the hope Hughton would finally wake up as a manager and do something positive.   Some will say that is another point towards safety,  but we should be talking here of being 3 points towards safety.

We were the home side, although anyone not knowing the teams could easily have thought otherwise,  I have not checked the stats, but i would guess we conceeded defeat to Fulham in just about every area.  yet they were no better than us.   And that is what make it all the more galling as they were there for the taking.   Yet the stall is set up exactly the same as the other previous 8 games where no victory has come either., why should we expect anything different.

O but we beat Man Utd and Arsenal playing that way,  true I have lost count of the times I have had that shouted at me,  but they are history played we have gone a run on the opposite side now  without a victory.    People who are quick to defend with the above  We beat Man Utd  are starting to sound like some City fans of old, who tried to put a face on an indifferent season by saying at least we beat "The Scum"  

I am getting mightly fed up with the negative tatics and then read Hughton bemoan the lack of quaility and cutting edge in the final third,  is it a wonder ?   Hoolahan, Snodgrass had to come so deep to pick the ball up from the sideways and backwards passing play of the 6 defenders.  Becchio was isolated, just the same as Holt gets  but is expected to get the goals.   At times yesterday it was as painful watching as having teeth pulled.

Why does Hughton see the need to big up every team we play some before and after a game,  our players know, the fans know teams have quaility , we know our team has quaility so let's hear our own fecking manager say it for change.  These players have earnt the right to challenge these teams,  they aren't little Old City who should be grateful and stand in awe at the opposition.

If you choose to do that Hughton, then I suggest you are in the wrong job....

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