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Wasn't Neil Adams a Credible Option in January

While I applaud the board of the club for being more open than just about any other club,  in giving this supposed open mike interview..... While the board will be congratulating themselves on being approachable etc.

I believe in all fairness, it's the least they can do, after staying so silent for so long;   while many round the club were shouting  ICEBERG   also they have made very poor decisions this season which have lead to this relegation.

But back to the interview..

I do believe that questions where carefully filtered by the radio Station,  I know of at least 3 people who were contacted out of the blue on the telephone and asked to take part.  Perhaps certain questions may have been deemed to uncomfortable for the board to handle. 

During the interview,  Delia admitted that the board had initially been considering sacking Hughton in January but felt there were no credible options available to replace him.

“There wasn’t anybody else out there,” she said. “We didn’t feel at that time there was anybody out there so we had a decision to make"

I do struggle a little to believe that in all the world of football,  that there was not one person available who could have been brought in.   Bloody hell one ex City player and assistant to one of the greatest British managers ever, was available....Mike Phelan. 

A question this then raises  "If Neil Adams was good enough to be given the task for the last  5 games,  why was he not considered for the 18 or so games from that point ?

Neil Adams was credible option in April but not in January  ? .. That is an insult and a weak excuse for sitting on their hands.

Smith also added  “But I would challenge anybody to sit round that table and do what we do and get it right.”  

There are Boards of directors all over the world who sit down and do get it right while some also get it wrong, but that is what she is there to do,  if the position is too hard then step aside. 

Don't garner smypathy,  we appreciate the fact you admit to making a massive mistake but please don't over due it.  You may have been hurt, but there are multi thousands who are still hurting from your collective mistakes, so there is no monoply on the hurt. 

Take another week,  if needed you all need to get this one as right as you possibly can,  fans may not be so understanding again. 



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