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We Are United In Wanting Survival

I do wonder if David McNally really knows the City followers because if he did he would not need to issue a call for unity. The faithful followers have stuck by their club through worse times than this,  the period when we protested to get Worthington out was far more hostile, I  was spit on, had hot coffee thrown over me and was threatned along with my family on more than one occassion, as were others and we are all still there

We were still there supporting the club through Grant, Roeder, and Gunn era's,  down in League One and up again, Carrow Road was always full to the rafters.  We support the team no matter what, no matter who , it is our club no matter who owns it.

We will be behind them home or away, those of us who cannot go are still beind them ....

We are United

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