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We know City do not have to sell, But What about Buying Instead

I don't know about anyone else amongst the Yellow followers but I am getting more than a little tired of the constant statements coing out of Carrow Road and picked  by just about every media outlet.   There is nothing but How City don't have to sell,  we knocked back this offer and that offer  for Redmond or  Fer

We know only too well that we do not have to sell, our finances are such we can afford to keep players we want to keep, we know we know . but despite all this we all know as well everybody has a price. 

  The whole news is just getting depressing, there are not even any rumours about players that us mere fans can get our discussions going,  most of the conversations I have been a party too are about,  distrust,  no confidence in manager or board. While many feel we are being sold down the river, and preparing for a long stay in the championship. 

If money is not a huge problem then why are we seemingly inactive, well enough to keep rumours quiet,

I take it  Adams has a transfer budget added to that the sale of Snodgrass, there really should not be a too big a problem buying players that are wanted and needed. 

I agree there is a need to be wise and not be taken in with super expensive prices,  although we must expect this type of treatment after all are we not enforcing on other clubs,   I am not complaining at all , just so pleased to see players not being sold willy nilly cheaply.

But sadly this roundabout does go round as you do unto others they will do unto you.   Time is slipping away it will son be upon us, players will have less time to settle in the area and into the squad...  Seen it all before, heard it, even got the Tee Shirt....

I am think of having some shirts printed with those immortal words from the Doncaster Days    "We Will Go With What We Have Got"

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