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Well that fizzled out a bit after a bright start...

Comfortably the highest tempo start to a match from city in a while it unfortunately fizzled out a bit after the Ipswich injury mid way through the first half with the extended stoppage knocking us out of our stride.  That being said we still generallly gave a good account of ourselves.

For the first thirty minutes City were well on top, at one point the possession was 68:32 in our favour and it looked like we were the home team, in fact during the match you would have thought that at times with the noise our supporters made too, but the injury to Luke Varney in the 31st minute where he seemingly fell over unmolested several feet away from anyone knocked us out our stride and gave Ipswich a chance to regroup in the 5 or 6 minutes play was stopped for, it is unlikely that he will feature in the second leg as reports after the match say he has snapped / ruptured his achilles in the freak accident

After play resumed things took a while to settle, however Cameron Jerome with one of his trademark powerful runs down the left split the Ipswich defence open and his well placed pull back / cross split the two Ipswich defenders nicely and allowed Johnny Howson to score with a well placed shot

However not many minutes later City were undone by an Ipswich long ball upfield from the keeper which Martin failed to clear properly and allowed the subsitiute Anderson who had only been on the pitch a few minutes to slot home for the equaiser just before half time

The second half i'm sat here struggling to find much to say about it which is probably reflective of the standard of it - not great, both teams looked for the majority of it afriad of losing and mistakes crept in all over the place with a number of players on both teams guilty of giving the ball away repeatedly or wasting it in good positions, Hoolahan and Tettey being two examples, but there were number of others on both sides too.

So there we are - all square going into the second leg at Carrow Road which we really should win, away goals rule doesn't exist in the play offs so a nil nil draw is no good so that means one thing, and one thing only next Saturday - ATTACK!

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