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Were We on The Pitch ?

Honestly .. did Norwich City take part in the game against Champions Elect Liverpool, listening to and reading the news feeds, and then hearing MOTD2 had almost forgotten Norwich were playing, using the simple insulting  "too little too late " comment.

A twitter poster, tweeted,  about Photoshopping the City players off the park  just leaving Red shirted players and Divers

Then this morning the City news feed on Newsnow is almost full of post about Liverpool,  purring over their so called great performence, all chosing to forget City had them on the ropes looking anything like champions for long periods of the game.

Still the media never have done us any favours, I believe we could win the premier league, FA Cup and champions League and it would be dismissed in some way.

Stuff the lot off them, we don't need them in anyway what so ever, never have need them, I prefer to leave all of the national media, sucking up to the bigger teams, and bending over to heap unwarrented praise, while over looking the less fashionable clubs. 

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