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What a Disappointment To Hear

So Chris Hughton’s position as Norwich City manager is secure as long as the club do not fall in to the bottom three in the Barclays Premier League, so David McNally has said. 

This to me is a huge disappointment, that shows no care of the type of football we are playing, no care or thought for the long suffering supporters and none what so ever the name of Norwich City Football Club .  I suppose that is down to the TV money being more valuable than mere supporters.

We are already termed as one of the worst teams to grace the premier League,  we once had a good name for playing passing football, now we are just a team of strangers who can't string a freaking pass together to save their skins thanks to Chris Hughton and his backroom team of no hopers. A season and a half to undo the work of the previous 3....

They say it doesn't take as long to ruin something, that it did to build it.

We had a squad of players who would run through brick walls for a manager, themselves, the shirt and the supporters, now they cannot get through a freaking tissue,

Darel Russell summed it up perfectly last night on Radio Norfolk, when he said  that City look like a team with no identity. and strangers. 

He should have been shown the door in November, I would not have had him here in the first place, seemingly many believed the media blab about the man's managerial skills ...I have not seen any yet to make me want to change my mind. 

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