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What a Load of BS

You just have to keep wondering about some aspects of the national media, The Mail online being the latest to perhaps step over the lines of truth into that deep grey area.

I can certainly see what makes Paul Lambert a little short with the media.

But how on earth does a Journalist get star treatment by being allowed to sit in on a meeting between David McNally, Grant Holt and Lee Payne (agent)  as they discuss these other issues.  And then to rush out and write for the nation to read, the topics and issues that are private and confidential between employer and employee. Does make me scratch where it doesn't itch, in wonderment.

 Honestly does he expect us to swallow this piece of fanciful writing ?  These talks were held in private and as far as I know nobody has made a public statement on what took place and what the result was.  If Holt has gotten a better deal, then that is between him and his employer only, in no way should it be broadcast over the country.  And to describe it as a desperate attempt to keep hold of Holty.

I live near a farm and believe me I know the smell only too well.

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