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What Does the Fox Say

No strange stupid noises,  just a pure masterclass in his passing abilities, gaining him the bottle of champers.  But his top drawer display  has left many fans thinking the manager must give him a premier league start, Hughton stopped well short of saying anything of the kind; preferring to harp on about how tough it has been for Foxy. 

Then saying “I will have to fully go through the game again and assess things but I am delighted for David because it has been a tough time for him in his career,”

Fans of Foxy know what a "Tough Time" it has been for him, you numpty , we know how he was one of the first players you gave an extended contract to,  then dropped him like he had a plague.  Yet when called on he gave you a first class display.

Hughton has this habit of telling you what has already gone on  a bit like a weather man telling you what you have just been through.   We have been crying out for some creativity from midfield, somebody who could unlock a defence with a on the button pass; and Fox is the man to do just that.  Hughton made mention about the lack of creativity himself, yet he is the manager, responsible for the dire tatcics we have had to endure and the constant over catious mindset.

There were times under Lambert, when Fox was missing,  the team just did not look the same or perform the same, this was also in the premier league as well, before anyone tries to say different.   Fox reminds me of City great, Ian Crook , one of the few players that could put the ball on the sixpence( two & half p to those who don't know) for his team mates.  Of late passing is a basic thing that City seem unable to do that well.

But sadly I reckon this will be a case of back in the closet you go Foxy, something the player himself seems resigned to, as when asked in an interview, if he had played his way into Hughton's premier League thoughts, he replied " I doubt that very much"

If enough fuss is made he will get a run out, just like Becchio did, and then disappeared again.  Two players who may make a difference to City results and performences if given a fair chance.  They cannot certainly be any worse.

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