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What Is Accecptable and What Is Not

This was always going to be a tough season, many City followers believe Lambert knew this and decided to jump ship to keep his CV looking pristine,  I can see what they mean but I would not say that Villa was ever going to be easier job than City; as he is finding out.

But I wonder if any of us thought that it was going to be quite like this ?   Whatever we feel on the subject I am sure all of us would agree that City must stay in the premier for a third season, it would wipe the club's debt plus allowing the manager to compete at a different level in the market.  Also we have heard that expansion to the ground wouldn't be too far in the distance neither. 

A lot therefore rests on the manager and his players, with the above in mind  coupled with this poor start to the season just how long before decisions have to be made,  If what we are seeing is acceptable or not !

Just how long do you give the management set up to start turning City fortunes round, I for one, believe that they  can't just be given an unlimited amount of time.   I don't advocate willy nilly sacking of managers nor do I believe we should not suffer poor results and poor performances until it is too late to do anything about it. 

We have gone 6 games got 3 points out of the 18 that was available,  I didn't expect us to win every game, but I did expect us to have at least 7 or 8 points on board.  we have the joint worst goal against amount  and the joint worst goal for as well.  

We have been tonked by 5 twice already once away and once at home.  Having watched both games it is hard to see how they don't rank as the worst games for almost 3 seasons,  I know some will say the Sunderland away game ranks up there too, that came part the way through the season and can always expect that to happen, but these two have come inside the first 6 games.  

We now look forward to visiting Chelsea, followed by Arsenal  coming to Carra,  I think that the most optimistic City fan can't see us getting much from these two games, despite Hughton calling for a response I think the best he can realistically look for is an improvement in play and the score kept down.    We then come to Villa(a)  followed by Stoke(h)  and Reading(a),  which offer the possibilities of adding some points to the total.  

But should we end all these games still winless,  I believe that would the point where we have reached the unacceptable.   people often say that it is all well and good shouting for a managers head, but at least offer an alternative choice.

We would need a manager who can move quickly to lift the players along with the gloom that will be there, someone who knows the premiership, someone who will get alongside the players and get the best out of them and probably 101 other things that go with managing a premiership club.  

OK forget Harry, City will never have enough money for him to spend and chuck at players, forget the usual suspects,  they have all failed in more ways than one. 

  I would personally and I repeat personally go for for Ian Holloway at Blackpool.

The guy has been here, almost kept Blackpool up, has got them playing again in the championship and many say they should have won the play off final. His style would more akin to what we have been use to, and I am convinced it would suit this group of players.  Plus the interviews would be entertaining. 

I am not calling for Hughton's head by any means, all I am saying is, if we reach November without a win under our belts, then serious questions need to be asked if  he is the man for the job.  If that answer comes up No then David McNally over to you.

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