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Where's David Fox ?

I make no excuses at all for this,   Where is David Fox ? one of the best passers of the ball we have , he reminds me of  City great Ian Crook.   Hughton got him to sign another deal and hasn't used him only in Cup games, where he hasn't let anybody down, the guy is fit lets see him given a chance.

I can remember many people saying last season, that we weren't the same side without Foxy playing, I also held to that view.  He can stroke the ball around the pitch with pin point accuracy,  Steven Gerrard does the same for Liverpool and we had no answer for it.

It is time to rest some players, Tettey is starting to look tired to me, he hasn't that same buzz about him, the adrenaline has worn off, perhaps a little of the excitement of playing in the prem has faded a little;  I say that with absolutely no disrespects or criticism of him.  It was a big step for him to take coming into a strange Country and taking part in the toughest league in the world; he needs a little break to recharge. 

Hoolahan looked jaded to me, it cannot be easy having every team trying extra to stop you playing, stop Hoolahan stop Norwich sort of thing.  

Perhaps it is time to rotate a little even if it means changing the formation along with resting some, how can players be expected to jump straight into the first team when they have sat on the bench or in the stands for weeks with no reserve team games to give them some pitch time.

I believe that doing away with the reserve sides hampers players in the squad, it may be good for the younger ones but people like Fox, E Bennett Jackson etc are getting very little chance to even stretch their legs in anger.

In changing system and players perhaps it might bring a little more attacking intent.  




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