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Who is Bonkers & Deluded Mr Potato Man

Yesterday I smiled at the comments of so called experts,  many of whom have not got gonads to step into management or have failed after a very short time.  Today these people get coverage in the national media, yet they have no experience of how life was under Hughton for the thousands of Norwich supporters,..... today they are making me angry.

Had they taken the trouble to actually watch a few games under Hughton  they would clearly see, that as a  club, Norwich City  had given their manager every opportunity and time to showcase his ability to take City the team onward.  But the truth is that after two years of insipid, boring, negative and bewildering football.. Hughton has taken the club backwards.

I personally did not want Hughton to get the job in the first place,  but he has succeeded in turning the largest  majority of City supporters against him. There will not be many who follow the fortunes of the club sad that he has left, plenty who would have liked sooner

Last season was acceptable due to a 10 game unbeaten run, had that not happened then we would be in a very similar situation, Hughton spent what many thought as wisely on reinforcements, most notably on bolstering his forward line, yet because of the style he has tried to force on the players, the strikers have suffered most.
Last season we witnessed how Grant Holt was choked in the scoring department by the same restrictive tactics, a player who had been top scorer for the club 3 seasons in a row (including the Premier League).  

Armed with these new forces,  many expected to see a different approach to the game but sadly nothing really changed,  this left even  people alarmed at  the shocking lack of creativity and spark about his teams.

A boring and uninspired style of play,  with substitutions to match, lead to a lack of consistency,  any noteworthy performances were left to times when it mattered most, in what were termed as the  Must Win games.

The decision to send Hughton, Caulderwood and Trollope packing may look bizarre, ill timed  or as  the Walker's crisp front man prefers to put it . "Bonkers and Deluded"    People are entitled to their opinions and views, but when someone  shouts his mouth off without actually witnessing any of events leading up to this, is really talking out of ignorance. Perhaps  this is more a case of defending the old pals network.

True the Board of Directors may look a little foolish, most certainly should acted much, much earlier,  but it is really that Bonkers.  The decision was seemingly made to replace the regime during the summer anyways, I am sure Hughton knew this or had an inkling,  Faith was lost, but still time was given. 

Did this inspire him to go out of his way to make the Board change their minds ?  Did he take the restrictive shackles off his team to get the results to make the board view things again.   Sadly no things stayed much the same while perfomances nose dived, the deeper they sunk,   the more Hughton became lost with his decisions becoming all the more bewildering. 

There is much much, more that can be said concerning Hughton's time at the helm,  had anyone of these self proclaimed experts had cared to delve a little deeper either by visiting and talking with the fans while watching more than a few hightlights in a studio.  

They would not make such statements that are really "Bonkers and clearly Deluded. "  I doubt that these experts will get to see this, but it gets things off my chest and I am sure I am not alone in my views in the Yellow & Green followers



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