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Whose Obsessed With Paul Lambert ?

In several interviews Paul Lambert says he isn't bothered by the reception he recieves at Carrow Road tomorrow evening.  He says " Others will make more of it than he will" and "That his eight years at Celtic " will stand him in good stead for any vitriol aimed at him by the City Faithful.

Yet at Villa Park the travelling Yellow Army hardly noticed he was there, why should that be any different at carrow, City have moved on big time and stand in a far better position than his new charges at Villa.

He also says he would like this OBESSION,  Norwich City have with him to end.  Just what he means by that I am not sure, perhaps he refers the dispute that is still trundling on and soon to be heard in a tribunal.

He also  says he would like an amicable solution to the matter before it gets to the tribunal.  Well Paul you have the same power in the matter as Norwich City have, you can call a halt to whole thing. 

You publically stated that you wouldn't shake hands with certain members of City party at Villa Park, that certainly  doesn't look like you would want an amicable solution,  that is almost a childish atittude from a grown man, surely nothing could have happened or been said that could cause such a strong reaction.

I struggle to see or hear anything that remorely ressembles an Obesession, perhaps the only one Obsessed with Paul Lambert is Paul Lambert

One thing I will agree with him, that the whole thing tarnished what was a great period in Norwich City history, there can be no doubts that Lambert did a great job for City, but also do not forget that City were also great for Paul Lambert .

But he always stressed it was the "Players" who deserved all the credit,  looking at the progress of both parties now, these  Players are still doing it here in Norfolk, while his new charges at Villa seem to be struggling to get hold of his football philosophy. 

Sorry Paul, a reasonable attempt at playing down tomorrow's return to Carrow Road, you would probably have been better off not saying anything.  

Norwich City, the team, management, and supporters have all moved on, we are in stronger position now and have only one manager who we care about. And that's

Chris Hughton.  as there is only one Chris Hughton.

I sincerely hope that all City supporters give Lambert the respect he deservies for a job done, then ignore him for the rest of the game and get behind our own team and manager. 

Don't feed HIS Obsession




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