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Will We See The Changes Which Are Needed ?

Neil Adams has made it known he prepared to ring the changes in his team for Saturdays important game at Nottingham, but I do wonder over a few  things.

Are wholesale changes the correct way to go ?    Changes have been made before during this blip,  and really the results and performence were not better.  We are terrace  and armchair managers all have our own ideas of who should play where,  along with the way to play.   Makinig a large amount of changes can have an adverse effect as players who have not played together that much have to gel pretty quick, they will be up against a team who have played together a lot longer.   A difficult decision and perhaps puts more presuure on an already underperforming group.

Another  point of pondering, is this round pegs in square holes,  mostly I am thinking of Captain Russell Martin, many many column inches has been devoted to this subject,  I personally feel that Martin should be at full back his best position.  Another reason for moving Martin over a place, is Whittaker is having some what of a bad time at present, he is being picked as the weakest side of the defense by opposing managers.  That should be enough to make the change,  I have not been convinced by Olsson neither this season, Garrido has done nothing wrong to warrant being overlooked, his experience in the back line would be invaluable, as Adams looks to get back on course.

I said the other day that Saturdays game would be a big test of this management's setup, in how they react in getting his team back on track playing and showing they actually want to.    I do wonder is Adams is strong enough to make big brave decisions that are needed, not just the tinkering and keeping things mainly the same.

Russel Martin has and is still a great loyal player for this club, but even his leadership on the pitch has not been so easily seen of late,  his head went down as quick as anyone else's on Tuesday.. If Whittaker had been on top of his game, I would suggest that Martin should be dropped to the bench,  the best possible choice of a replacement player for a few games has been allowed to depart to the South Coast.,  he clearly displayed on Tuesday he was ready and more than willing to have a good go for his old club.  

Has Neil Adams got  the gonads to make these big decisions also is he being allowed too, being left free of a non football influence input from "Da Committee" 

I think the answers to these points will be seen on saturday come 5pm, but  any improvement needs to be seen not just in this game but every other game ahead.


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