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Womaniser Lafferty. Hope he isn't coming here

If the reports we have been reading and reporting on are correct and Kyle Lafferty is joining City,   Neil Adams and the rest of management at Carrow Road may just be buying a right cartload of unwanted trouble.

Palermo  president Maurizio Zamparini. has stated that his coach has requested the Lafferty be sold, because the coach cannot sort the player out.   He goes on to label Lafferty as an uncontrollable womaniser who is off the rails.

Zamparini says the Sicilian side are delighted with the Northern Ireland international’s on-field performances – they just can’t cope with his off-field antics.

The club president told Radio 23: “Lafferty is sold as a result of a precise request from my coach Beppe Iachini.

“He is an out-of-control womaniser, an Irishman without rules. He is someone who disappears for a week and goes on the hunt for women in Milan.

“He has two families with six children, he never trains, he’s completely off the rails. On the field he’s a great player, because he gave us everything he had and more.

“In terms of his behaviour, however, he is uncontrollable. My coach told me he cannot sort this player out, so he has to go.”


Thought there was something about this that doesn't sit quite, why would a club sell a player who played a very big part in getting them promoted ?   I just hope that this one does not happen, or all the parents around Norfolk need to lock up your daughters.

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