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Frustrated, Disappointed,

The disappoint is still there this morning, the frustration has decreased a lot,  but that feeling the inevitable happened will not go away.   We let ourselves down in the most important game of the season.  Yes we had the majority of the shares but did nothing with it.

Middlesbro came with a game plan to score early, park , frustrate rely on the counter and of course play the ref to perfection, it worked so well.   clearly they knew we struggle to break deep sitting teams down, they knew the Ref was weak  and exploited that perfectly.   Yea time was added but that could not replace the way play was broken up and spoiled by this now called Professionalism  (in English Cheating)

Suppose we would have done the same if the tables had been turned, but Bristish managers are not so expert in this area as some from Europe. 

I have applauded Alex Neil for his reading of the game and making changes to suit, but I feel last night his change was a tad too late, Middlesbro were comfortable in dealing with our crosses and lumps in, that's  when we could beat the first man.   Ayala marshalled his defence expertly (Now who the Hell sold him, he looked the part last night turning into the player I thought he could be) 

Too easy to point fingers as to why and where it was wrong, but these players have done us more than proud over the weeks.  They know only too well, they don't need me harping on about it.

The glaring fact was clear, if anyone needed convincing,  we struggle to break teams down and fail to create good chances,   frustration and anger sets in as was clear.    Tactics Worked

Alex Neil brief was to get us into the play off places, he has surpassed that with incredible results,  the ride has been nothing short of brilliant .   How many teams in the league are secretly jealous of that.   

The big job at hand now is to lift these players to carry on after the disappointment of last night to carry on fighting to cement our position in readiness for the Lottery.  

Of course there is still a chance we could still get in an Automatic place, but it would call for Watford and Bournemouth to slip up like us... somehow I cannot see or believe that will happen.   But would be over the moon if it did.

So before 5pm I could be putting on my jumping boots



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