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Has Lennon's Attitude Changed ?

I notice a change in Neil Lennon's attitude towards Gary Hooper's transfer, perhaps Lennon has been told something he didn't like or expect.

Only the other day Lennon was seen in the national media, as taking a somewhat  dictatorial attitude over any transfer for Hooper, saying:

"He is Not Going Anywhere"

Today Lennon is quoted as saying after watching his star turn score a brace yesterday:

" He (Hooper) can go if the price is right"  and  “However, everyone has their price and what Gary’s price is will be down to the board and myself to decide". 

Of course they don't want to sell Hooper, that goes without saying, no more than we would want to sell Grant Holt, but  when a certain realistic price is met, the whole story changes.

What Lennon says is fair enough, but is that anything different to what happens at any professional football club with any transfer., of course not.  He isn't saying anything different from what thousands of managers have said before their man is sold.

We can look back over City's history and recall Craig Bellmy,  "He won't be sold...over my dead body"  where some of the words we heard from a famous cook.  Still Bellamy was sold , as was Chris Sutton, Darren Eadie etc.

It is the same old story, money speaks louder in the world of Football.

Are we looking at a little bit of a backwards step.

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