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If We Are to Go Down, Lets See ALL Players giving 100%

I am sure there not many Canary followers who were surprised by yesterday's result, the script seems to have been written the day Giggs took charge.  For 40 minutes. the yellow army held on to the belief that we could spoil the party and stick the odd finger up at the media.  

Ok,  a soft penalty was not enough to knock us out of that hope.  But the failings once again showed their ugly heads again.  Players making bad judgements and mistakes,  while some according to what I have heard looked not bothered.  Whether that is correct I have no idea only what I have been told by others who were there.

If this was the case, the players in question should be taken aside and asked If they have the stomach for the fight, if they answer No they should be dropped and placed on the transfer list,  if they answer Yes, then they should be told Let's flcuking see it then.

I do believe that while Hughton takes a lot of the blame and rightly so, the players have not draped themselves in any glory either, many don't look up to the fight,  while not looking good enough either.

We knew that when Neil Adams was given the task it wasn't going to be easy,  after all  he has to try and do what Hughton could not, getting the players to gel into a solid unit, these are Hughton choices and he failed miserably, why would a rookie fair any better. 

Neil Adams didn't have multi million pounds worth of talent just sitting on the bench to call upon,  if anything Gigg's job at Old Trafford is far easier in comparison,  they are not threatned with relegation, they have been knocking our results that many in the Premier league would consider excellent.   While Adams and his Canaries looked destined for the trapdoor.  

It looks like the Grim Reaper is in readiness to call on Carrow Road with his championship ticket, but for me the fat lady is not singing just yet and while there is a chance we can still escape, then we as fans have to grasp hold of it and hope above hope. 

It isn't these last two games that have defined our season, the damage was done months ago, it was clear as Suarez's teeth that Hughton had lost his way if he had ever had one  The action was far too late in the day for anybody to make a difference,  even a experienced manager, let alone a passionate rookie

I have been saying that the blame lays  with the Board for sitting on their hands and not taking action, preferring to look at last season's false finishing position, allowing Hughton more time than he warranted.  Only a ten game unbeaten run kept us up, the rest was much like what we have suffered this season under his leadership. 

It looks increasingly likely that David McNally could be finding what is worse Relegation or Death,  I hope that he does not offer his resignation over this , as he is not solely responsible for the decision making. This club has grown and progressed immensely since he took the lead. I would rather have him plotting the course for another assult should we go down.

We are not dead and buried yet , I am not worrying about the other clubs and what they are doing, we have to go for all that we can get.....If the gods have destined we go down...Lets go down feaking fighting




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