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Record Budget

With nothing much better to do with my time, except sit and nurse my wife after some surgery and of course reading whatever I can get my eyes on about our club.

I came across Alan Bowkett's interview in the EEN,  after reading it a couple of times a little question started to rise in my mind, it's  not a vital big, huge thing thats will reveal some hidden secret. But one that did get me thinking.

I'll use a few quotes from the interview:

Alan Bowkett first:

“As I have told the previous manager and I have told this manager, we will have the biggest expenditure on football we have ever had,”

Brilliant news one that should excite anyone connected with the club in whatever way,  after revealing the club's approximate turnover the writer goes on to say concerning the manager's budget.

"should ensure Hughton has money to spend this summer, busting the £13m summer pot Lambert had at his disposal this time last year."

Right wind back a little while before the Villa link really became news,  Paul Lambert was quoted in our local media as saying  something along the lines " People think I will have loads to spend but in truth; I have the same budget as I did last year,"     Now we know that budget was £13 million,  and thinking back to this article Lambert was not that happy about his spending power.

I am sure that not one City manager over the last 25 years has ever been given that amount of money,  yet nothing was made back then about that amount being the "Largest Expenditure on Football"    Now this year it seems as if a record has been set.  

In my simple thinking,  this years budget is larger than last years £13 million.  If it isn't then why highlight it now and why bother to add  "we have ever had"  ? 

So what was Paul Lambert on about when he made his statement on having the same budget ?  was he being a little economical with the facts , playing through the media as he did when Burnley came knocking ? 

Or  Has some more money been found (quite a bit at that) to increase Chris Hughton spending power  ?

Or finally; could it  be some money was being held back,  for whatever reason, let's not forget David McNally and Alan Bowkett are no mugs, and already expected Lambert to be waving good bye at some point, and had possibily been expecting it for over a year.   So not all the jewels would have been laid on the table, keeping some in reserve.   Bowkett  goes on to make mention particually,  in the same interview of  Lambert being "ruthlessly ambitious and possibly the most impatient man I (Bowkett)  have ever met!” 

Shows that not all was peace and tranquility or  a bed of roses behind those closed doors.

Whatever the facts may be, it really isn't a major issue, just one that got me thinking


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