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That One Goal May Make a Difference

Forest did not quite deliver the result we all wanted last night,  I have no doubs Watford supporters are sating the same about Leeds.  The race for the prize is still set to go the final day,  unless someone heart breaking slips up and drop those valuable points. 

  In saying Forest didn't deliver, but they still stopped Watford jumping above us, by scoring that single goal.  Watford had to score three to over take us and as I expected they achieved that, but unfortunately for them that is, they conceded.

It could yet be the single most important goal they have let in as that could still get us promoted.  The players and Alex Neil have done their jobs expertly well, now the fans have to do their jobs by making carrow Road a bloody scary place for Middlesbrough and Fulham....  Raising the noise levels to make the roof shake.

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