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The merry Go Round Starts Again

I do wonder if Paul Lambert may be slightly regretting his impatience this morning, given the surprise turn of events in North London ?    After a brief spell of spinning the Managerial Merry Go Round has started again, with Harry Redknapp's departure from Spurs.

Now whether Lambert would have been considered for the White Hart Lane post could be questionable, but with the Spurs chairman,Daniel Levy stating publically that he is a fan of Lambert who can really say for certain he would not have been near the top of the list.

The media has made David Moyes favourite, with his extra Premier League experience may have lead to him being given nod ahead of Lambert, but opening another door in merseyside which Lambert I am sure would have been approached for.

We should be offering even more thanks to messers McNally and Bowett for their shift action and expertise in replacing Lambert with Chris Hughton,  I am sure Hughton would have been mentioned in both North London with his long connection with the club;  I would imagine those in Merseyside would be casting an eye over his name too.

But before I get too smug and settled, a horrible thought just jumped up in my mind, what if either of these two clubs  Spurs and Everton, want Chris Hughton as manager,  would he be off before doing any serious work ?

That can't happen can it ?   


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